Understanding Heat Pump Noise Levels

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You will find lots of misconceptions about the quantity of many different claims about what their models do, from suppliers and sound heat pumps. This discussion is designed to offer some guidance on heat pump noise.

Am I able to directly compare sound?
Not really. The units are tested in numerous laboratories, while all heat-pump manufacturers are required to test their models against a given standard for sound, and consequently there can be some variances between results. The only correct way to evaluate between models would be to hear them running side by side in the same circumstances while the variances should be little.

Does a larger capacity heat pump make more sound than an inferior one?
Yes it will. In general conditions, sound is directly connected to the amount of air the heat pump is moving. Larger capability units require to move more air than smaller units, so usually a larger unit will make more sound than a smaller one to create more heat.

Will my heat pump always generate the same sound-level?
No. A heat pump will produce more noise on large fan speed than it will create on reduced fan speed, as sound is related to the amount of air movement.

High fan speed most often occurs straight after starting up, when the heat pump is trying to provide maximum capability to get your room to temperature as quickly as possible. The lover should slow down, decreasing the amount of sound produced as the room gets nearer to to temperature. A correctly sized heat-pump should have the room temperature under handle, and the enthusiast beginning to slow down within approximately 1-5 minutes of starting up. After that a lover pace needs to be able to keep the room temperature continual.

This really is why it is it is crucial to have a correctly sized heat pump, as an under-sized unit will be for longer, louder.

Will my space make a variation to the sound?
Yes it’ll. Should you have a heat-pump device in a room with tough surfaces and few furnishings it will seem noisier than the same device in an area with increased furnishings, drapes, etc. The the length you are a way from the heat pump also dramatically outcomes the amount of sound perceived, s O the mounting placement within the space can be really essential.

How should I decide what noise level is is appropriate in my experience?
As sound levels are quoted by them for the smallest capability models working on the lowest lover velocity some heat pump marketing produces confusion. Almost all situations will will need a fan speed that is higher or a bigger capacity unit than this.